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Children in School Bus


Utilizing vehicles such as book clubs, affinity spaces, and professional learning communities, we support you in getting the school culture and climate you desire.


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Coming Summer 2022

We will be reading"The Real Ones" by Sofia Quinteros from the book "Take the Mic" Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance. The story is very youth-friendly, utilizing text message formatting, colloquial language, code-meshing, and themes that are from their worlds like the pressures of social media.

It's about two teenage former best friends Cami and Kathleen who are being pitted against one another by Cami's boyfriend. The feud is being fueled by social media, until they turn the tables and begin to use social media as a unifying force for solidarity among girls.

There is also a theme of intergenerational misunderstanding through the relationship between Cami and her guardian Titi Steph, who talks about "back in my day" and "you kids".

Using the story as a vehicle, we will focus on interpersonal radical safety and radical safety within Organizational structures through the themes of: intergenerational common understanding, female friendship, loyalty, sovereignty, representation, and trust.

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