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Educating Marissa employs frameworks as they provide a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitute a way of viewing reality. Below are the frameworks foundational to Educating Marissa's Work.

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Coaches for Equity can help catalyze and influence the emergence of living systems that create opportunity and value for historically marginalized communities.

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Healing Centered Engagement is an asset-based and culturally-rooted approach to healing and well-being for young people of color and their adult allies. The term was coined by Dr. Shawn Ginwright in 2018 and is based on more than 30 years of research and practice with young people, schools, probation departments and social workers.

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4D Stands for Decolonizing & Dreaming & Dismantling & Designing. We decolonize self and systems. We dream of new possibilities. We dismantle the old and replace it with systems that are designed by the people that they most directly impact. 4D is a balanced approach to move us from collective struggle to collective liberation. It seeks to abolish our current educational system and construct a new one where all can thrive..

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Liberatory Design is a creative problem-solving approach and practice that centers equity and supports us to design for liberation. It is made up of mindsets and modes. Mindsets invoke stances and values to ground and focus our design practice, and modes provide process guidance for our design practice. Liberatory Design generates self-awareness to liberate designers from habits that perpetuate inequity, shifts the relationship between the people who hold power to design and those impacted, fosters learning and agency for those involved in and influenced by the design work, and creates conditions for collective liberation.

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