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Educators are the heart of our work.

We are committed to the transformation of unjust systems for a future where all can thrive.

We support educators in transforming their environments into equitable, engaging spaces that create empowered learners.

 We provide consulting, coaching, professional learning experiences that help educators create more equitable and engaging spaces with liberating practices within their classrooms, schools, and districts.

Our professional learning experiences design intentional actions and outcomes for reimagining and redesigning systems so they may liberated from producing oppressive conditions and outcomes.

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Educating Marissa's mission is to give educators the time, space, and support to serve their students and communities as their highest vision of themselves. On a broader level, we envision a world where all people are free from oppression in all facets of life. We believe in liberation, equity, and justice for all.We are intersectional in our approach, bringing the voices of those who have been marginalized because of race, class, religion, ability status or sexuality into the forefront.

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  • Affinity Group/Identity Development

  • Coaching for Equity

  • Decolonizing, Dreaming, Dismantling, Designing 4D Framework

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  • Culturally Responsive and Sustaining  Pedagogy

  • Instructional Leadership

  • Bookclubs for Community Development 

  • Reading Apprenticeship

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  • Healing Centered Engagement

  • Caring Authority

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Communities of Practice

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Coming Fall 2023 - Contact for wait list

Using "The Real Ones" by Sofia Quinteros from the book "Take the Mic" Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance, we will focus on interpersonal radical safety and radical safety within Organizational structures through the themes of: intergenerational common understanding, girls' friendship, loyalty, sovereignty, representation, and trust.

 The story is very youth-friendly, utilizing text message formatting, colloquial language, code-meshing, and themes that are from their worlds like the pressures of social media. It's about two teenage former best friends Cami and Kathleen who are being pitted against one another by Cami's boyfriend. The feud is being fueled by social media, until they turn the tables and begin to use social media as a unifying force for solidarity among girls. 

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3- Month Coaching Cycle

Through an interactive and collaborative process, we facilitate personal and professional growth for your work in equity, instruction, instructional leadership, or literacy.

My coaching stance is one where I work with you, not on you. We work to bring out what is innately in you through feedback, support, strategy, and belief in your highest possibilities.

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